Malaysia 2021: Occupational Therapy

Delegate: World Sleep Day

Affiliations:  Occupational Therapy ( Malaysia )


Activity: Webinar Sharing For Sleep Quality for Occupational Therapy Hospital in Pahang.

Date of Activity: 2 April 2021


Activity: Celebrating World Sleep Day in Occupational Therapy Department Hospital Bentong, Pahang Malaysia.

Date of Activity: 19 March 2021


Activity:  Online CME for Occupational Therapy community in Melaka, Malaysia. In conjunction with the celebration of World Sleep Day.

Date of Activity:  19-Mar-21


Activity:  Webinar Online for Occupational Therapy Sarawak. ( Sharing for Improving Sleep Quality ) among Occupational Therapy Sarawak Community.

Date of Activity:  26-Feb-21


Activity:  Awareness Sleep Program among Health Care at Health Clinic of Jaya Gading Kuantan Pahang during Psychological First Aid ( PFA ) during pandemic Covid – 19

Date of Activity:  30-Dec-20


Activity: Obesity Programme For Staff member at Health Clinic Gambang Pahang Malaysia. Sharing for Improving Sleep Quality.

Date of Activity:  12-Mar-21

Submitted By: Mohamad Shafiee Bin Mohamed Desa