Good Quality Sleep & Chronic Insomnia

World Sleep Society has collaborated with Idorsia to create an evidence-based resource that answers these simple questions in plain language:

  • What does good quality sleep look like?
  • What causes disturbed sleep?
  • What is chronic insomnia?

Additional resources about chronic insomnia are available for free download and distribution.

Download resource packet.

The Road to Better Sleep

Download and share these graphics that contain these tips to get you on the road to better sleep!

Download the Road to Better Sleep (.png format or .pdf format).

Download the 10 Tips for Better Sleep


Tips for Better Sleep from World Sleep Society

Healthier Sleep in Adults

Healthier Sleep in Children


Press Release & Toolkit


Video content

Healthy Sleep Video Content: World Sleep Society now hosts sleep content via our YouTube Channel. Be sure to check it out!


Podcast Series: Check out The Sleep Forum’s exclusive 2020 World Sleep Day podcast series.

Other Resources

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