Thailand 2022: Pornprapa Chindamporn, MD | Sleep Society of Thailand

Delegate: Pornprapa Chindamporn, MD

Affiliations: Sleep Society of Thailand

Short Bio:

– Board of Pulmonary Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care, Thailand

– Research fellowship of Sleep Medicine, CCF, OH, US

– Staff at Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, Department of Medicine, Phramongkutklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand



Activity 1 – Press Conference and Materials

  1. Sleep Society of Thailand has collaboration from Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand for World Sleep Day 2022. We arranged press conference to promote sleep hygiene in childhood, middle-aged and elderly groups and pushing good sleep policy to publication. A live take was held to promote sleep health for Thai people all over the country in the theme of “World Sleep Day 2022: “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World” leading by Assoc.Prof. Tayard Desudchit, MD (President of Sleep Society of Thailand) and Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai, MD (Director General of Department of Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health). Later, the prizes for the winner sleep songs and the winner of translating slogan in the theme of ““Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, happy World” into Thai languages were given.



Press conference live and news’ link:


Posters and VDO clips for promoting sleep hygiene.

10 sleep hygiene for children aged 1-17 years

10 sleep hygiene for adult aged 18-59 years

10 sleep hygiene for elderly aged more than 60 years




Hotline tel. 1323 by Department of Mental Health to give people advise for better sleep.




Also, Sleep Society of Thailand collaborated with Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health promoted poster, named “Obstructive sleep apnea: watch out for these scary signs” in Word Sleep Day 2022 press conference. We compared OSA to Thai ghosts that haunted people like night symptoms of OSA.


Activity 2 – Translation Contest

  1. Sleep Society of Thailand collaborated from Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand created the activity of translating theme of ““Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World” into Thai languages as every year. This activity allowed general people to join the translation in order to promote world sleep day. Committee agreed to choose “นอนดี มีวินัย สร้างโลกสดใส จิตใจแข็งแรง” to be Thai slogan. We gave the winner (Miss Nahathai Naiyarat) prize and certification.



Activity 3 – Song Contest

3. Moreover, Sleep Society of Thailand collaborated with Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health created the activity of “composing a song contest” in the theme of “Quality Sleep | Sound Mind | Happy World”. This activity arranged for general people to compose a song for good sleep and promoting sleep hygiene. This was the first time we created this activity and there were a lot of people interested.



The winner was the song named “Rest body, rest mind” by Mr. Narawit Arunsawang, 1st year medical student from Ramathibodi Hospital.






The song named “Let’s sleep” from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Archwin Tanphaichitr and Apicha Suksangpetch, Siriraj Hospital





Hospital Collaborations

As every year, Sleep Society of Thailand has collaborated with many hospitals in Thailand.

1. The King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

– Facebook Live was held with the topic “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind,Happy World”, leading by Assoc.Prof. Tayard Desudchit, MD (President of Sleep Society of Thailand) accompanied by Polaporn Apiwatanaseri (MD), Asst.Prof. Visasiri Tantrakul (MD), Assoc.Prof. Wish Banhiran (MD) and Petcharat Sangthong (MD). This activity comprised of three sessions. They were “Important of good sleep”, “Consequence of obstructive sleep apnea” and “The treatment of CPAP”. The live topic was on air from 1:30 PM until 2.30 PM on February 14th, 2022.


The exhibition activity for World Sleep Day was held from March 7th to 11st, 2022. There were a press conference to open the World Sleep Days’ week, sleep posters for the patients visiting the hospital and also a talk in the theme of “Quality sleep, Sound mind, Happy world” on the last day of the week.




2. Ramathibodi Hospital

World Sleep Day 2022 activity was held on March 10th,2022. General people could join the event by sending their “TikTok” in accordance with the theme: Quality sleep, Sound mind, Happy world. There was also a prize for the winner. Besides, a live talk and Q and A in the topic: Snoring and how to sleep in new normal era was held to promote sleep knowledge.



Live Facebook link:

News link:




3. Phramongkutklao Hospital

On March 4th, the World Sleep Day 20222 Activities took place with the activities of giving the knowledge in the topic:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Sleep parasomnia
  • Good sleep hygiene
  • Insomnia





4. Central Chest Institute of Thailand

Due to pandemic COVID-19 situation, CCIT Sleep Disorders Center organized virtual World Sleep Day 2022 activities by scan QR code from poster to watch video: Evolution of world sleep activities in the world and Thailand, Importance of sleep, Sleep disorders and Sleep hygiene by Dr.Kanlaya Panjapornon, Sleep problems in COVID-19 situation, self-care guideline in sleep related breathing disorders by Dr. Narumol Luekitinun and sleep recreation activities by sleep nurse and technician.




5. Siriraj Sleep Center, Mahidol University



6. Sleep Disorders Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University

Sleep disorder center, Center for Medical Excellence arranged virtual conference and Department of pediatric ENT distributed sleep issues to the publication.



7. Prince of Songkla University Sleep Center

A talk in the topic: Importance of sleep and sleep hygiene was arranged via facebook live and radio broadcasting.


8. Srinagarind hospital, Khon Kaen University

Facebook live with topic “World Sleep Day 2022”


Location of Activities: Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Konkaen, Songkla, Chiangmai Provinces

Country: Thailand

Date of activity: January 4th to March 18th, 2022

Submitted by: Pornprapa Chindamporn, MD