Regional Coordinators

World Sleep Society is working to make this global awareness day even better — with the help of our Regional Coordinator Volunteers! Due to increasing need for communication with delegates, we are now connecting delegates with Regional Coordinators. When planning an activity in your area, we will now offer volunteers near your geographic region to:

  • Support regional delegates via email, phone, and/or in-person meetings
  • Select top activities within the region to be considered for Distinguished Activity Awards
  • Distribute press release and other materials
  • Translate materials as needed

*List validated in October 2018

Regional Coordinators Available for Contact

For more information, contact us at with “Regional Coordinator” in the subject and your region/location in the body of the email. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing as we forward your request.


Name: Dr. Morenikeji Komolafe
 Africa (West African Region)
Languages Spoken:
 Yoruba, English

Name: Dr. Nesreen E.Morsy
Region: Egypt
Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

Name: Tony Gonani
Region: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania (South African Region)
Languages Spoken: Chichewa, Lomwe, Yao, Tumbuka, Sena, English


Name: Dr. Sourav Das
Region: India (Eastern Zone)
Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese

Name: Dr. Anupama Gupta
Region: India
Languages Spoken: Hindi

Name: Lyudmila Korostovtseva
Region: Russia (St. Petersburg/North-West region, Moscow)
Languages Spoken: Russian, English, Spanish, German (basic)

Name: Ghulam Mustafa
Languages Spoken:
English, Urdu

Name: Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang
Region: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippine
Languages Spoken: English, Chinese

Name: Clive Wong
Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau
Languages Spoken:
English, Chinese

Name: Nevin Zaki
Region: Middle East
Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, French


Name: Stephanie Blower
Region: Australia, New Zealand
Languages Spoken: English


Name: Gyorgy Nemeth
Region: Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia
Languages Spoken: Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, Croatian, Slovak, English

Name: Marta Gonçalves
Region: Europe
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

Name: Miguel Meira e Cruz
Portugal, Spain, Paraguay, Cuba
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish, French

Name: Laura Palagini
Languages Spoken:
English, Italian




North America

Name: Paula Araujo
Latin America
Languages Spoken:
English, Portuguese, Spanish

Name: Dr. Adrian Martinez Fernandez
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish

Name: Elena Majano
Central America, Caribbean
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish, German (basic)

South America

Name: Ximena Alvarado
South America
Languages Spoken:
English, Portuguese

Name: Paula Araujo
Region: Latin America
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Name: Sandra Carvalho
Region: Brazil
Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese