Plan an Activity

Help raise awareness of World Sleep Day 2024 by planning an awareness activities in your city and country. Once you have a plan, become an official World Sleep Day Delegate.

Become a Delegate

Examples of Awareness Activities:

    • Organize a physical event to create excitement and generate interest in World Sleep Day. It may require a significant investment in terms of time and budget, but creates an impact and signifies the importance of World Sleep Day and raises the awareness of sleep disorders. Be sure to invite your chosen journalists to the event so that they have immediate access to case studies. The event can be themed around this year’s slogan.
    • Hold a series of smaller briefings with sleep experts to inform journalists of World Sleep Day and its focus. A summary of key media points are provided in our media Toolkit.
    • As you may not have the time or resources to conduct a physical event, an alternative option would be press release distribution with one-to-one meetings with sleep experts and local media.
    • Distribute patient literature such as booklets, leaflets and newsletters. Patient information and useful links are provided within our Toolkit.
    • Use the case studies you have identified to help place a feature article in a consumer title. A feature is usually given to a journalist on an exclusive basis. Be familiar with your target publication and prepare the outline content. Conduct plenty of research around the subject and ensure that you have strong case studies. Write them up and prepare the patients for interview before approaching journalists. It will also help if you have access to sleep experts who can communicate to the media in clear, easy-to-understand terms.
    • Talk with your children’s teachers to visit a school and provide information about the importance of sleep for children.

Once you have planned an activity, submit the details of your activity to be listed as an official World Sleep Day event on our website.

Looking for even more information on holding a local event? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.