Slovenia 2022: National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ)

Delegate: National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ)


-Preparation of a press release on the occasion of World Sleep Day in association with partners from the fields of somnology, psychology, neurology,

occupational medicine, transport and sports, mental health and health promotion. It was sent on 17 March 2022 to more than 622 media address and

published on the NIJZ website.


-Forwarding a statement and recommendations for regular sleep through our networks: Slovenian Network of Healthy Schools, Healthy Kindergartens Programme, colleagues in health promotion centres and mental health centres, colleagues through workplace health promotion network, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, colleagues in health education programmes and businesses in the region.


-Organization of a professional event in the form of a videoconference to celebrate the World Sleep Day. The event was entitled Adolescents and sleep and among the presenters were a clinical psychologist, somnologist, school paediatrician, representatives of the PUM-O programme (project learning for young adults), high school counsellor and health promoters. As many as 320 participants attended the event, which was held on March 23, 2022.


-Sleep tab has been created on the NIJZ website, where more than 14 articles have been published.


-Production, publication and printing of materials with recommendations for good sleep of children and adolescents, which are the original work of a somnologist; sending out these posters (A2 format) and leaflets (A4 format) to more than 3,800 addresses (primary schools, secondary schools, etc.). The recommendations are also published on webpage and in the handbook for adolescents entitled What can I do to make it easier for me? Under the chapter Regular sleep (page 41).!page1


-Production and publication of active learning worksheets on the importance of sleep and recommendations for good sleep for schoolchildren and adolescents, and the translation of these recommendations into English.


-On the eve of World Sleep Day, promoters of the MIRA Programme, a mental health programme running at the NIJZ, handed out leaflets with recommendations for healthy sleep including promotional tea bags with a mixture that soothes and stimulates sleep to random passers-by on the streets of Ljubljana.


-Posts on the NIJZ social networks about the importance of sleep, activities and recommendations for good sleep, 91,000 followers.


-Posts on social network in March on the importance of sleep and recommendations for good sleep, 1,200 followers.


-Training entitled The power of sleep and recommendations for regular sleep for various professional and lay publics.


Location: Slovenia

Date of Activity: January to April 2022

Submitted by: Marjeta Peperko and Brigita Zupančič – Tisovec