2023 Sponsors

We are proud to partner with the World Sleep Day 2023 Sponsors

Thank you to our World Sleep Day 2023 supporters who are helping to raise awareness of sleep health around the world this World Sleep Day.

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Diamond Sponsors

The purpose of Idorsia is to discover, develop, and commercialize innovative medicines to help more patients. We have more ideas, we see more opportunities, and we want to transform the horizon of therapeutic options.

In order to achieve this, we will develop Idorsia into a leading biopharmaceutical company, with a strong scientific core.

Headquartered in Switzerland – a biotech-hub of Europe – Idorsia is a high-potential biopharmaceutical company, specialized in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative small molecules, with the aim of transforming the horizon of therapeutic options.

Gold Sponsors

AmLife International Sdn. Bhd. established its sleep healthcare business to help consumers achieve optimal health in their daily sleep as well as enjoy the wonderful health-lifting, sickness-preventing and recuperative effects of its products. AmLife has pioneered the combination of bedding equipment and Japan’s state-of-the-art technology to expand the unlimited potential of the sleep healthcare market, providing a brand-new health solution for modern-day people, which they can use every day.

Blue Whale Rare Disease Special Fund was established on December 5th, 2021, subordinate to the Shanghai Charity Foundation. With the purpose of support, care and companionship, we focus on patient education, patient empowerment, providing sustainable assistance for rare disease patients and their families all over China.

is an Egyptian pharmaceutical company established in 1972. They have two state of the art manufacturing hubs in Egypt & Morocco, which cover all widely used pharmaceutical forms. They are experts in the development of unique, valuable products and healthcare solutions, in addition to a wide range of latest-generation generic molecules, augmented with dedicated marketing and distribution teams.

Spanning jazz and classical music, the variety of new compositions, arrangements and remixes creates a one-of-a-kind collection that truly celebrates World Sleep Day — an annual event organized by World Sleep Society.

About Sanofi

We are an innovative global healthcare company, driven by one purpose: we chase the miracles of science to improve people’s lives. Our team, across some 100 countries, is dedicated to transforming the practice of medicine by working to turn the impossible into the possible. We provide potentially life-changing treatment options and life-saving vaccine protection to millions of people globally, while putting sustainability and social responsibility at the center of our ambitions.

Silver Sponsors

Avadel Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on transforming medicines to transform lives. Our approach includes applying innovative solutions to the development of medications that address the challenges patients face with current treatment options.

As many as one in five Dutch people suffer from some kind of sleep deprivation. We believe and promise that everyone can improve their sleep. Our mission is simple. We believe that the better we sleep, the happier, healthier and more productive we are. We won’t rest until everyone gets the high-quality sleep they deserve. Beter Bed, the market leading sleep specialist in the Benelux, is a full-service omnichannel retailer offering a wide range from beds and mattresses to bedding.

Founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 1971, and now with over 200 locations across Canada, The Brick is a top retailer in the mattress, furniture, appliance and electronic sectors. Proudly serving Canada for over 50 years, The Brick, The Brick Mattress Store and The Brick Outlet strive to provide the best in service and quality for customers, employees and partners alike.

Nano-Lit Technologies creates evidence-based lighting systems that replicate the benefits of sunlight indoors, including aiding in sleep. Their tunable, full-spectrum Circadian Rhythm Lighting is designed to assist humans in realigning with their natural biological rhythms, improving their overall health and well-being. The lighting system simulates natural sunlight by changing color temperature throughout the day, creating an environment that supports healthy sleep patterns. Their goal is to educate and provide people with lighting that enhances their health and well-being, ensuring that the environment they spend most of their time in enables them to lead healthier and more successful lives.⁠

Procter & Gamble
Making every day more than ordinary.
Our brands are trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms—and have been passed down from generation to generation. We are the people behind the brands you trust, and we’re committed to making peoples’ lives better in small but meaningful ways, every day. As P&G grows, we stay grounded in our purpose, values, and principles and a deep-rooted understanding between each other and our company that being our best and doing our best—for the people who buy our products, for one another, and for the world around us—will lead to mutual success.

Sleep Country is Canada’s leading omnichannel mattress and bedding retailer and the only specialty sleep products retailer with a national bricks and mortar footprint and an online presence. Sleep County offers a diverse and innovative assortment of sleep essentials from mattress and beds to pillows, sheets, protectors and more, to help Canadians get their best night’s sleep. For more information, visit www.sleepcountry.ca.

The pulse of the internet can be found on Tumblr; find your community, explore your individuality, and express yourself. It’s where your interests connect you with your people. Part microblogging platform, part social network, Tumblr is a subsidiary of Automattic, the founders of WordPress, WooCommerce and many other tools that power the internet. Follow us on Tumblr.

Bronze Sponsors

Whatever comes next, we make sure life comes first. Radiometer develops, manufactures, and markets solutions for blood sampling, blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring, immunoassay testing, and related IT management systems. Through connected solutions, expert knowledge, and trusted partnership, we help health care professionals make diagnostic decisions to improve patient care. 

Zinus is committed to helping everyone bring happiness home. That’s why Zinus mattresses, bed frames and sofas are easy to understand, assemble, and enjoy. They design tiny reminders that life is good, all at a price that will allow you to afford to be you.