Previous Slogans

World Sleep Day, an annual awareness day, is held the Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox of each year. Future dates will be: Friday, March 13, 2020.

2019 “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging”

Slogan History

  • 2018 “Join the Sleep World, Preserve Your Rhythms to Enjoy Life”
  • 2017 “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life”
  • 2016 “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”
  • 2015 “When Sleep is Sound, Health and Happiness Abound”
  • 2014 “Restful Sleep, Easy Breathing, Healthy Body”
  • 2013 “Good Sleep, Healthy Aging”
  • 2012 “Breathe Easily, Sleep Well”
  • 2011 “Sleep Well, Grow Healthy”
  • 2010 “Sleep Well, Stay Healthy”
  • 2009 “Drive Alert, Arrive Safe”
  • 2008 “Sleep Well, Live Fully Awake”

Previous Year Highlights

2018 World Sleep Day Accomplishments:

  • 282+ official delegates joined the campaign
  • 149 sleep awareness activities have been added to
  • 55 countries have notified us of participation in World Sleep Day
  • NEW: Participation in the countries of Norway, Burkina Faso, Singapore, Bangladesh, Greece, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Media mentions came in across the globe including USA Today, Men’s Health, CNBC, InStyle, HarpersBAZAAR, Psychology Today, MSN, Forbes, The Sunday Post and many more
  • #WorldSleepDay climbed to #1 on worldwide and #2 on the United States Top Trends on Twitter

2017 World Sleep Day Accomplishments:

  • 295+ delegates signed up to participate
  • 155 sleep awareness activities occurred in 2017
  • 58 countries notified us of participation. New: Events in the countries of Jordan, Switzerland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Qatar & Estonia
  • 826 individuals joined our campaign
  • Trending on both Twitter and Facebook under the hashtag #WorldSleepDay

2016 World Sleep Day Accomplishments:

  • #worldsleepday was a trending topic on both Twitter and Facebook
  • World Sleep Day added 152 new delegates from 33 different countries
  • World Sleep Day added representatives in 14 new countries (Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Curacao, Estonia, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Moldova, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Taiwan, Tunisia, Qatar, and Uruguay)
  • #worldsleepday was viewed over 109,000 times on Twitter via our @_WorldSleep page
  • We added 401 Facebook and 371 Twitter followers