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Delegate: Dr.D.C.Mathangi, Dr.K.Dilara and Dr.Sabari Sridhar

Affiliation: Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

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As part of the ongoing awareness initiatives by the Department of Mind Body & Lifestyle Sciences, an interactive session on “Sleep Hygiene” was held at the General Hospital’s waiting area. Conducted by S.G. Yashwanth, a second-year M.Sc. student, the session highlighted the importance of quality sleep, discussed essential bedtime practices, and explored the physiological links to Non-Communicable Diseases. Attendees gained insights into REM and NREM sleep stages, crucial for understanding restorative sleep patterns.

The session concluded with personalized coaching sessions for individuals seeking lifestyle modifications. These one-on-one consultations aimed at fostering behavioral changes for better sleep habits. In summary, the event served as a concise yet impactful platform for promoting holistic well-being within the community.
Number of beneficiaries : 35

In a concerted effort to address parental stress among caregivers of special children, an 8-week destressing program has been initiated under the guidance of Dr. D.C. Mathangi, Head of the Department, alongside students from Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences. During week two of the program, S.G. Yashwanth, a second-year M.Sc. student, conducted a concise session on sleep hygiene, emphasizing the crucial elements for achieving quality sleep. The interactive session encouraged parents to identify both facilitators and barriers to restful sleep, while also equipping them with simple yet effective techniques for achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep.
Continuing the journey into Week three, participants were introduced to a relaxation technique known as Body Scan Meditation, led by Dr. D.C. Mathangi and Ms. Suganya, a first-year M.Sc. student. This session aimed to further enhance the quality of sleep by promoting relaxation and mindfulness among the parents. These consecutive sessions represent a holistic approach to mitigating parental stress and fostering well-being within the caregiving community.
Number of beneficiaries : 24
Dr. Tanaya, Vice President of the Rotaract Club of SRIHER, took on the mentor role, sensitizing the attentive students to the importance of sleep. With care and consideration, he shared invaluable insights into cultivating healthy sleep habits and essential do’s and don’ts for restorative rest. Dr. Yashwanth further enriched the discussion on the significance of quality sleep, echoing Dr. Tanaya’s points with compassion.
As the event concluded with a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie, participants bid farewell, carrying the seeds of knowledge and encouragement planted during this memorable occasion. The efforts of the Rotaract Club and Dr. Mathangi have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on sleep hygiene education at RBANC Higher Secondary School, evidenced by the positive feedback from students and school staff alike.
Number of beneficiaries : 80 students
Rotaract Club of SRIHER, led by Dr.D.C.Mathangi, Faculty co-ordinator of the club and Rtr. Saran Sabapathy Sundaram, Final year MBBS student, conducted a session at Uncia Technologies Pvt Ltd, Guindy, to commemorate World Sleep Day. The session aimed to raise awareness among IT employees about the crucial role of sleep in maintaining overall health. Discussions centered on the adverse health effects associated with sleep deprivation in the workplace. Through interactive engagement such as group discussions and brain-teasing exercises, attendees gained insights into the short-term and long-term impacts of sleep on health. Peer-to-peer learning facilitated the sharing of experiences and provided valuable resources for further support. Key takeaways emphasized the necessity of adequate, undisturbed sleep, proper sleeping posture, and maintaining a nutritious diet for optimal health benefits. The session concluded with a Q&A session, ensuring clarity on discussed topics and takeaways. Gratitude was expressed to Uncia Technologies and all stakeholders for their collaboration and commitment to promoting employee well-being.
Number of beneficiaries : 35
Raising awareness about the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene is crucial for the well-being of the general public. In pursuit of this goal, students from the Department of Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Science, pursuing their M.Sc. in Mind Body & Lifestyle Science, took proactive steps. They engaged in the creation of informative pamphlets in both English and vernacular languages, catering to a diverse audience.
These pamphlets underwent thorough assessment, and accolades were awarded to the top three well-designed entries. Now, these meticulously crafted pamphlets are slated for printing, with the intention of broad dissemination within the hospital’s Outpatient Department (OPD). By reaching out to individuals in their native languages and offering valuable insights into sleep hygiene, these pamphlets aim to empower the community with knowledge for better sleep practices and overall health.
Sleep has long captivated the minds of poets, lyricists, and philosophers throughout history, transcending cultures and civilizations. Its significance was recognized since ancient times, predating the emergence of evidence-based medicine on sleep. To infuse the study of medicine with the richness of humanities, a poetry competition was orchestrated for all SRIHER students, aligning with the theme of the current World Sleep Day, “Sleep equity for global health”.
Students delved into the biological intricacies and rejuvenating essence of sleep, weaving eloquent verses in both English and Tamil. Their poetry illuminated the essence of sleep, intertwining science with the artistic expression of the human experience.
Recognizing the most exceptional entries, prizes were awarded, igniting a wave of motivation among students. This innovative approach not only celebrated the fusion of art and science but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the holistic understanding of medicine.
This innovative competition aimed to raise awareness among first-year MBBS students about the symptoms associated with common sleep disorders. The competition categorized these disorders into six distinct types: insomnia, parasomnia, movement disorders, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and circadian rhythm disorders. To bring these disorders to life, two students from each category engaged in monologue performances, resulting in a total of 12 participants.
Each participant skillfully portrayed the symptoms of their chosen disorder through monologue acting for three minutes, followed by a descriptive explanation lasting another three minutes. Judging the performances were a neurologist and a respiratory physician, who assessed various criteria including symptom depiction, tone, use of audiovisual aids, and time management.
The event provided both entertainment and educational value for the audience, offering an engaging way to learn about sleep disorders. The competition’s learning outcomes are expected to sensitize future medical professionals to the nuances of identifying and addressing these conditions in clinical practice.
MADRAS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ( Outreach activity):
An enlightening awareness program focusing on the paramount importance of sleep unfolded for undergraduate psychology students at Madras Christian College, Chennai. Dr. Dilara delivered an engaging lecture, titled ‘Sleep Physiology & Its Impact on Organ Systems’, which delved into the intricate mechanisms of sleep. The discourse elucidated the stages of sleep, distinguished between REM and NREM sleep, explored theories surrounding sleep, and underscored its rejuvenating effects on overall organ systems.
Following this, Dr. D.C. Mathangi took the stage, imparting invaluable insights into promoting optimal sleep hygiene. She discussed various relaxation techniques, highlighted the detrimental effects of poor sleep quality and sleep debt on health, and elucidated strategies for fostering healthy sleep habits.
The lectures resonated deeply with the audience, with students appreciating the enjoyable yet informative approach to understanding the significance of sleep. The program not only broadened their knowledge but also empowered them with practical tools to prioritize sleep for enhanced well-being.
Number of beneficiaries : 125 Students
In honor of World Sleep Day, the Department of Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences, in collaboration with the Departments of Physiology and Psychiatry, orchestrated a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program on March 15, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Dr. Dilara, Head of Physiology, warmly welcomed the audience, setting the stage for an enlightening session.
Dr. D.C. Mathangi provided insights into the significance of World Sleep Day and outlined the various activities organized by SRIHER’s departments in connection with this global event. Dr. S. Anandan, Dean of Students at SRIHER, delivered the inaugural address, emphasizing the pivotal role of quality sleep in health and wellness. Drawing from personal experience in dermatology, he highlighted how improving sleep quality can alleviate distress, as evidenced in his research on psoriasis.
The highlight of the program was a guest lecture by Dr. N. Ramakrishnan, a renowned Sleep Medicine & Obesity Medicine Expert and Director Nitra Institute of Sleep Sciences, With captivating real-life case scenarios, Dr. Ramakrishnan shed light on various sleep disorders, using relatable labels to engage the audience. He also addressed the prevalence of sleep disorders among adolescents, presenting intriguing statistics derived from his clinical practice.
The session proved to be intellectually stimulating and enriching for attendees, as they gained valuable insights into the complexities of sleep medicine. The distribution of prizes by the Dean added a celebratory touch, recognizing excellence in various contests conducted as part of the event. Overall, the CME program left participants with abundant knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the importance of quality sleep in health and well-being.
Number of beneficiaries : 300

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Date of Activity: 4th March – 15th March 2024

Submitted by: Dr.D.C.Mathangi