Korea, Republic of 2024: Jee Hyun Kim MD, PhD | The Korean Sleep Research Society

Delegate: Jee Hyun Kim MD, PhD

Affiliation: The Korean Sleep Research Society

Short Bio: Jee Hyun Kim is a neurologist and sleep specialist working at the Department of Neurology, Ewha Woman’s University Seoul Hospital. She is currently the head of the PR committee of the Korean Sleep Research Society.

Activity: 1. Symposium with the Medical Press (Fig 1)
The symposium, held at the Ewha Woman’s University Seoul Hospital in Seoul, was a focal point of the day. Speakers, including five neurologists, Prof.Jee Hyun Kim, Prof. Eun Yeon Joo, Prof. Wonchul Shin, Prof. Sunjung Han, Prof. Kiyoung Jung, and one pediatric sleep specialist, Prof. Seoungsoo Kim, from leading institutions across Korea, presented on various sleep-related topics.
These included:
• Sleep health in children and adolescents.
• Sleep hygiene status among young and mid to older adults in Korea.
• Impacts of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) across different age groups.
• Issues of excessive daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy.
• Challenges faced by shift workers.

The symposium was well-attended by medical professionals, journalists, members of the KSRS, and narcolepsy patients from the narcolepsy support group, sparking lively discussions and increased media attention on sleep disorders and the importance of sleep health. For the participants, lavender oil and an eye mask were provided, as well as a lunch box!

2. March for Sleep (Fig 2)
Following the symposium, Jee Hyun Kim, the head of the PR committee, Ki Young Jung, the president of the KSRS, and other committee members, along with members of the narcolepsy patient group, led a march to Seoul Arboretum. Participants carried pickets with messages promoting sleep health, effectively using public spaces to raise awareness.

3. Social Media Engagement (Fig 3)
The Instagram hashtag challenge (#worldsleepday #sleepequityforglobalhealth) invited the public to share tips or thoughts on sleep health or simply repost the WSD poster made by the KSRS. Approximately 110 participants tagged the KSRS Instagram account in posts, broadening the event’s digital footprint.
4. Collaborations with YouTube Creators (Fig 4)
Influential YouTube creators produced reels on Instagram focusing on good sleep practices and the importance of sleep, extending the reach of WSD messages into digital media and engaging a broader audience

Location: Seoul

Date of Activity: March 15, 2024

Submitted by: Jee Hyun Kim MD, PhD