Portugal 2024: Clínica do Sono Dra Maria José Guimarães | Clínica do Sono Dra Maria José Guimarães

Delegate: Clínica do Sono Dra Maria José Guimarães

Affiliation: Clínica do Sono Dra Maria José Guimarães

Short Bio: The Sleep Clinic Dra. Maria José Guimarães is based in Barcelos, Portugal. It was founded in October of 2021, having treated over 800 patients as of March of 2024.

Our clinic aims to introduce an emerging reality in our world that is of the personalized approach to medicine. At Clínica do Sono Dra. Maria José Guimarães, we have as our main ambition the wellbeing and quality of sleep of every one of our patients.

Furthermore, we also aspire to inform, disclose, and promote the importance of sleep, in order to spread the message that it is imperious to have healthy sleep habits to be able to face every day in our complex society.

Activity: On March 16th, to celebrate World Sleep Day, the Sleep Clinic Dra Maria José Guimarães, in partnership with Justfit Gym and Gasoxmed, organized a 5 km Sleep Walk in the city of Barcelos along the Caminho de Santiago (the Santiago de Compostela Trail). Despite the rain, approximately 90 people participated in this initiative. It was a fabulous morning!

Location: Barcelos

Date of Activity: 16-03-2024

Submitted by: Carla Guimarães