Argentina 2024: Asociación Argentina de Medicina del sueño | Asociación Argentina de Medicina del Sueño

Delegate: Asociación Argentina de Medicina del Sueño

Affiliation: Asociación Argentina de Medicina del Sueño

Short Bio: Our country has the Argentine Association of Sleep Medicine (AAMS) founded in 1995, whose established statutory objectives were:
1) Nuclear all professionals whose activity is linked to sleep medicine.
2) Promote the exchange of scientific experience in this specialty.
3) Promote education and training in the field of sleep medicine, granting training certificates for the practice of the specialty.
4) Promote and enable the development of teaching, research and treatment centers for normal and pathological sleep.
5) Sponsor courses and research, grant prizes, scholarships and any incentive with the aim of promoting the development of the specialty in our environment.
6) Promote and maintain a spirit of cooperation between people and establishments that carry out related activities.
7) Establish and maintain relationships and communications with different national and international societies, associations, organizations or corporations.
8) Supervise the correct exercise of the specialty.

Activity: Delegate: Asociación Argentina de Medicina del Sueño
Activity: National Update Day on Sleep Medicine and 6th. Update Conference on Sleep Medicine in the Southern Cone (Argentina/Chile/Uruguay). This event consists of the following activities (attached program):
PAP therapy workshop. Polysomnography workshop.
Conferences with the following topics:
Sleep hygiene in the new era, international changes and national proposals.
Neuromuscular diseases. Multidisciplinary approach in children and adolescents.
Neurodegenerative diseases and their comorbidities. Did you know this?.
Love and death relationship during sleep.
COMISA: Have you ever heard it? Comorbid Insomnia and Sleep apnea.
How does diet influence sleep?.

Presented by: Dr. Valiensi Stella Maris (AAMS President)

Location: National Academy of Medicine. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Date of Activity: March 15

Submitted by: Stella Maris Valiensi