Hungary 2024: György G. Németh | Hungarian Sleep Association

Delegate: György G. Németh

Affiliation: Hungarian Sleep Association

Short Bio:

Activity: In Hungary, on the occasion of World Sleep Day, we will organize an international sleep conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and publish a scientific book about sleep.
1. WORLD SLEEP DAY /Hungary, Budapest
Sleepiness and sleep-deprivation is the cause behind many diseases, and their consequence has increasingly become an endemic; we must pay much closer attention to its prevention and treatment. The internationally acknowledged experts of Hungarian sleep medicine wish to boost the global trend with their new publication, the Hungarian Sleep Book: as the world’s population is facing declining sleep trends, reversing these processes is a matter of international intervention. It’s a daily responsibility of doctors, healers, patients and healthy individuals alike to set forth the new directions of sleep sciences and be able to utilize their findings as quickly as possible. The fundamental life forces, the ancient energy sources, such as light, air, water and nutrition are indispensable for good sleep. Many ongoing research efforts and experiments are aimed at understanding the role of these factors in physiological processes. It was not until the last few decades, for example, that the scientific world started scientifically processing the correlations between water and sleep. The Hungarian Sleep Association welcomes and supports all efforts that bring us closer to a deeper understanding of fundamental physiological processes, such as the effects of light, oxygen and water on our sleep and our everyday life.

Location: Budapest

Date of Activity: 13. 03. 2024.

Submitted by: Hungarian Sleep Association/ Budapest