Mexico 2024: Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos | Saber Dormir

Delegate: Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos

Affiliation: Saber Dormir

Short Bio: Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos is an author and speaker in Mexico for Sleep Hygiene topics, he has a character named Professor Magnemorpheus who teaches the importance of sleep in a fun way. This 2024 he will devote it to the Teenagers promoting the healthy aspect of sleep in High Schools and Junior Highs.

Activity: SABER DORMIR ADOLESCENCIA VITAL CONSTRUIR (Sleeping good makes vital teenagers) will be a lecture for 600 teachers and parents to promote good sleeping habits and all the health and behavioral risks among teenagers.

Location: Foro del Angel, Zapopan, Jalisco

Date of Activity: March 20

Submitted by: Juan Carlos Guerrerosantos