United States 2024: Annie Carpenter | PVM Senior Housing

Delegate: Annie Carpenter

Affiliation: PVM Senior Housing

Short Bio: Annie serves as the Wellness Partnership Coordinator at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, USA, where she focuses on breaking down barriers to healthcare access through the implementation of the Wellness Equity Program. With a compassionate approach, Annie seeks to address the physical, mental, and social dimensions of health for older adults, striving to create inclusive and supportive environments where everyone can thrive.

Activity: Our activity was an inclusive world health sleep day party. Our audience was comprised of older adults residing in a low income senior housing community in Detroit, MI, USA. Sleep health is crucial for older adults’ well being. Residents learned that consistent routines, a calming sleep environment, and limiting stimulants can improve sleep quality. Residents were encourage to stay active, practice relaxation and seek professional help if needed for quality sleep. 100% of participants agreed to prioritize sleep to enhance cognitive function, physical health and emotional balance.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Date of Activity: 4/13/2024

Submitted by: Annie Carpenter