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Delegate: Gregory Arneaud

Affiliation: iSD Health Solutions

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Activity: Join us for an enlightening celebration of World Sleep Day 2024!🌙✨
I am thrilled to announce our highly anticipated World Sleep Day webinar event, hosted by Mr. Gregory Arneaud, featuring an esteemed lineup of speakers ready to shed light on crucial health topics related to sleep! 😴

JM We’re honored to welcome Dr. Christopher Tufton, Jamaica’s Minister of Health, who will serve as our Featured Speaker, shedding light on the crucial importance of sleep health and managing related health concerns.
🇮🇳 Dr. Monika Sharma, a Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist and Researcher from India, who will explore the impact of sleep on athletes’ performance.
🇧🇧 Dr. Roberta Corona, representing The Barbados Fertility Centre, will discuss menopause and sleep issues in women, offering invaluable support for women’s health.
🇱🇨 Dr. Tanya Destang-Beaubrun from St. Lucia’s Rodney Bay Clinic will highlight how sleep health affects holistic wellness. She will discuss its importance in managing stress and guarding against burnout, providing a functional and integrative medicine perspective.
🇹🇹 Last but not least, we’re delighted to have Dr. Andrew Dhanoo, President of the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago, who will unveil our groundbreaking research study! This study aims to understand the relationship between Diabetes and Sleep Apnea, offering free clinical research participation for qualifying individuals.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from leading experts and potentially contribute to groundbreaking research.
Click the link below for access to the webinar live on Friday 15th March, 2024 from 11:00am – 1:30pm EST.…/reg…/WN_IdUvcUMVQYSQfyhkKzEIvA
Mark your calendars for an unforgettable day of sleep education and awareness!
See you there!
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Location: Online

Date of Activity: March 15th 2024

Submitted by: April 03rd 2024