United States 2022: Dr. Jean-Louis | Translational Sleep and Circadian Sciences [TSCS]

Delegate: Dr. Jean-Louis

Affiliation: Translational Sleep and Circadian Sciences [TSCS]

Activity: Sleep Health Equity Webinar

March 13th-19th is considered Sleep Awareness Week by the National Sleep Foundation. During this week, we pledge for an annual campaign to increase awareness of the impact of sleep disorders at a personal, societal, and public health level. While many people may be aware of varying sleep disorders, they often neglect to seek help for their condition or encourage others to do so as well. Although sleep clinicians and researchers have made great strides in understanding, treating, and managing sleep disorders, we have a long way to go.

Unfortunately, communities where individuals are in greatest need of sleep health information are unaware of sleep problems and related deleterious effects on health and quality of life. Dr. Jean-Louis and the Translational Sleep and Circadian Sciences (TSCS) team from the University of Miami are currently implementing stakeholder-engaged digital solutions to increase awareness of sleep health and to overcome barriers preventing individuals in minoritized communities from accessing available treatment for sleep disorders.

We need your help to disseminate healthy sleep messages to the public.

Sleep Well, Be Well!

Location: Zoom

Date of Activity: March 16th, 20222

Submitted by: Malik Ellington