United Kingdom 2024: Dr Ashish Bhatia | Humble Sleep – An organisation that helps people sleep better

Delegate: Dr Ashish Bhatia

Affiliation: Humble Sleep – An organisation that helps people sleep better

Short Bio: Dr Ashish Bhatia is a NHS GP (family doctor) and Medical Lecturer at Bristol University and insomnia consultant at Sulis Hospital in Bath. He is also the founder of Humble.
Humble specialises in health, wellbeing and performance optimisation. Combining science with practical support to help bring out your best. Our approaches are effective for individuals, teams, schools and organisations, used to train doctors, adopted by the British Holistic Medical Association and have been presented at the Royal Society of Medicine.

13.00-14.00 BST

In the session we will simplify the science of sleep, inspire and empower you with practical skills and resources to improve your sleep
This is for you if you would like to sleep better and even if you don’t struggle, because wherever you begin, our goal is to help you be a super sleeper.
To find out more visit www.humblesleep.com or visit our linked in page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/humbleinfo/

Location: Online – to register please email: [email protected]

Date of Activity: 15th March 2024

Submitted by: Dr Ashish Bhatia and Sarah Phillips

World Sleep Day - Free Talk