Spain 2024: Noemí Medina | Consejos Dormir Bien

Delegate: Noemí Medina

Affiliation: Consejos Dormir Bien

Short Bio: Consejos Dormir Bien is the educational space dedicated to spreading the importance of having healthy sleep and helping to achieve it.

Activity: World Sleep Day Campaign Summary


As part of the World Sleep Day, Consejos Dormir Bien launched a comprehensive campaign aimed at promoting sleep health awareness and advocacy. This year, our activities were centered around the three main key messages described on WSD Toolkit briefing: Sleep is essential to health, Sleep health is multidimensional and Sleep health disparities. Each concept was explored through a variety of digital and local community efforts designed to educate and engage the public on the importance of healthy sleep.


1. Sleep is essential to health: Celebrate the World Sleep Day
Objective: To increase general awareness about the significance of World Sleep Day and celebrate healthy sleep habits.

Activities: Creation of visually engaging banners for display campaigns on digital media and tailored adaptations for social media platforms. These banners led users to a landing page where they could request a guide on how to enhance their sleep quality effectively.

Local Event: We highlighted World Sleep Day and the benefits of good sleep health at a local educational event, engaging directly with community members.

2. Sleep health is multidimensional: 6 Dimensions of Sleep

Objective: To educate the public about the six critical aspects of sleep health, helping them to understand and optimize their sleep patterns.

Activities: Developed informative banners for online advertising and social media that directed individuals to a landing page offering a detailed guide on the 6 Dimensions of Sleep. This guide provided practical advice on improving sleep efficiency, timing, and satisfaction.

3. Sleep health disparities: Manifesto: Sleep a right for all.

Objective: To address and reduce sleep health disparities by emphasizing that quality sleep is a fundamental right for all. Our activity aims to enhance public understanding that sleep health is crucial for overall well-being and should be accessible to all, regardless of social or environmental barriers.

Activities: Distributed educational banners across digital platforms, which funneled traffic to a landing page where visitors could download a manifesto supporting the right to quality sleep for everyone.


The Consejos Dormir Bien´s campaign for World Sleep Day has successfully aimed to promote a combination of digital outreach and local engagement to spread valuable sleep health information across various channels. By focusing on celebratory aspects and educational content, it hopes to have contributed to increasing awareness and fostering a community committed to improving sleep globally.

Location: Madrid

Date of Activity: 7 -15 March 2024

Submitted by: Noemí Medina