South Africa 2024: Mignon Hamman | SASSH

Delegate: Mignon Hamman

Affiliation: SASSH

Short Bio: I am a general practitioner in private practice in South Africa since 2015

I treats all general medical conditions but my field of interests include Metabolic disorders especially Obesity and the effect this has on a patient’s general health, Chronic pain conditions, Mental Health, Rheumatology and more recently Sleep disorders.

I am a firm believer in the benefit of the Multi-disciplinary team and truly feels that although there is a definite place for medication; prescribing pills isn’t always the only or best answer.

Dr Mignon is part of PainSA as well as The SA Society for Sleep and Health (SASSH).

In 2023 I started a multi-disciplinary journal club with the aim to learn from other health care professionals in order to treat my patients more holistically.

I find the overlap between Sleep pathology, Obesity and Chronic Pain fascinating and think that educating my patient is the biggest wat that I can help them

Activity: Part 1
Social media “Did you know” campaigns (Facebook, Instagram and Website with QR codes to link)
Reach: Nationally, Online platforms
Specific areas – student housing will be targeted by putting up easily scannable QR codes. We have free, capped Wi-Fi in our city which will help with reach

Part 2:
Humorous Visual set-up of “counting sheep” in the courtyard of my office building with +-20 businesses

Part 3:
Online talk for Occupational therapists working in private practice. Educating them in order for them to assist their patients better

Part 4 (not confirmed)
Online talk for UN workers with fellow colleague – JD Uys

WSD PROJECT - 15 March

Location: Lynnwood, Pretoria in Gauteng province

Date of Activity: 15 February – 15 March

Submitted by: Dr Mignon Hamman