Italy 2024: ANDI FOUNDATION AND ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists) | ANDI FOUNDATION AND ANDI ((National Association of Italian Dentists)

Delegate: ANDI FOUNDATION AND ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists)

Affiliation: ANDI FOUNDATION AND ANDI ((National Association of Italian Dentists)

Short Bio: ANDI Foundation onlus, founded by National Association of the Italian Dentists, is a non-profit organization. For over 17 years, it has worked to promote culture and solidarity to strengthen oral health and health in general. In particular, the Foundation addresses its attention to those who – due to their physical,
economic and social status – cannot afford adequate dental care.
Since many years, ANDI Foundation has been interested in issues concerning sleep – more specifically on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).

Activity: This year, on the occasion of World Sleep Day, we will organize a webinar conference entitled “The treatment of OSA: the doctor-dentist alliance”.

Still today a large measure of Italians, 10-12 million, suffer from obstructive sleep disorders and according to some data, 80% of these remain undiagnosed or underestimated. The role of dentists is crucial in order to be able to intercept these cases and give indications for the definitive specialist diagnostic assessment.

The webinar aims to once again focus on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in both children and adults.

This pathology, despite having a high presence in the population, is largely undiagnosed and, consequently, still too little treated, with a notable social impact due to the correlation between OSA and road accidents, accidents at work and cardiovascular, metabolic and neuro-cognitive. Not treating this pathology therefore entails high costs not only for the individual, but also for the national healthcare system. For the correct management of patients suffering from OSA, the importance of intensifying an interdisciplinarity relationship between the various healthcare professionals involved is now clear.

Furthermore, in the webinar the fundamental importance of the doctor-dentist alliance in carrying out screening campaigns and consequent therapies is strongly reiterated.

As in previous years, many ANDI dentists will make free screening visits on OSAS from March 11 to March 22. Citizens will find the list on the ANDI Foundation website. The opening of dental studios will be supported by a social campaign.

Location: Milan

Date of Activity: Thursday March, 14 2024

Submitted by: Antonella Reduzzi – Communication and project manager ANDI Foundation