India 2024: Dr. Swapnatai. A. Meshram, Director Professor & HOD, Physiology | ESIC Medical College & Hospital, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu-78

Delegate: Dr. Swapnatai. A. Meshram, Director Professor & HOD, Physiology

Affiliation: ESIC Medical College & Hospital, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu-78

Short Bio: I am working as Director Professor and Head of the department in Department of Physiology at ESIC Medical College & Hospital, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

I have completed my MBBS in 1999 and MD in the year 2004 from Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. Done my Fellowship in Advancement in Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) from PSG-FRI, Coimbatore affiliated to FAIMER Institute in Philadelphia.
I have completed my Post- Graduate Diploma in Nutrition from National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad and completed my Post- Graduate Diploma Course in Bioethics affiliated to Bharthiyar University, Coimbatore by 1st Class.
I am very much into medical education that inspired me to complete 8th ACME course from SRMC Nodal Centre for Medical Education, Porur, Chennai, Tamilnadu. I have conducted State level virtual CME on Learning and Memory- A Journey to explore under the banner of APTCON on November 2021 for MBBS undergraduates under aegis of TN Dr. MGR Medical University. I have undergone many NPTEL courses on Ethical guidelines on Biomedical Research and completed my Basic course in Biomedical Research conducted by ICMR by 77%. Hve done my certification course on EEG by NESSAN. I have also done my Advance Course in polysomnography and titration by Academy of Sleep Wake
Science. I am holding an Annual National conference of Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India in December 2024 as Convenor & Organizing Secretary, APPICON 2024 at ESIC Medical College & Hospital, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
Task assigned to my designation by institution :
1. Assigned as NAAC, ESIC Chennai – Coordinator and Coordinator, IQAC of our institution
2. Worked as the member of Curriculum Committee for Competency Based MCI Mandates for Medical Undergraduates in my present institute.
2. Working as the Convener of Foundation course in our institute for the new MBBS batch since 2019.
3. Member of the Medical Education Unit in our Institute.
4. Worked as member secretary of Institutional ethics committee.
5. Member of Antiaging committee, College council, Student Disciplinary committee in present Institute.
6. Worked as member in Institutional Committees in various government medical institutes in South India
7. Presently Vice Chairperson &; External Member of IEC- SRIHER, Porur.
8. I worked as the member of the CORE Committee Team of Kalaigner’s Centenary International Medical Conference held at Convention Centre of Chennai Trade Centre by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Tamilnadu & Tamilnadu Dr. M G R Medical University, Guindy, Chennai which included approximately 12,000 delegates across the country India and also abroad. Many renowned National and International Speakers on FUTURE OF MEDICINE have delivered lectures in the said conference.
9. Have administrative experience of 18 years.
10. Undergraduate and post graduate teaching experience of 22 years.
11. Awarded with BEST FACULTY AWARD by Government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2012.
12. Guiding many Medical undergraduates as mentor in the ICMR healthcare researches. This year guiding a mentee with approved ICMR STS 2019 project.
13. Having many publications in national and international Medical Indexed Journals and ongoing
projects on Medical education.
14. Have initiated State of art Clinic – Sleep Consultation Clinic with an integrated Approach with various clinical subjects in our ESIC Hospital and proposed for Sleep Laboratory for investigative and therapeutics. Inaugurated by Dr. R. Shanthimalar, DME, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India .
15. Assigned as FAIMER Reviewer for Applications of FAIMER Fellowship.
16. Have been the Invited speaker in the National Conference INDIA SLEEP 2023 held at AIIMS, Kalyani, West Bengal, India.
17. Have participated as Chairperson in APPICON 2023 academic sessions like SYMPOSIUMS.
18. I am the member of South East Asian Association of Sleep Medicine (SEAASM)

My Areas of interest:
1. Sleep Medicine
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise Physiology
4. Bioethics
5. Medical education

Activity: On the occasion of World Sleep Day that was to be celebrated on 15th March 2024, it was an opportunity for the department of Physiology, ESIC Medical College & Hospital, K. K. Nagar, Chennai to conduct the Sleep Awareness program for the general population, Insured Persons, the employees and the students. Sleep is the foundation of Health and it maintain proper utilization of the nutrition, the physical activity and rejuvenate and prepare the organ system to function and prolong life without any or minimal ailments. In-spite of being an important area, its the most ignored component of health in many countries. In the present era of technology, all the age groups irrespective of the gender are sacrificing their sleep to stand in the race of every day’s life that enforces to neglect the timing, quality and quantity of their sleep. Thus, the objective of the sleep awareness program conducted in our institution was to bring the awareness amongst general population, employees of various industries, the adolescent school students and MBBS students who shall be ambassador of health in the future for better health of society.
The Sleep Awareness Week 2024 was announced in the Academic Calendar 2024 of our institute as a SLEEP AWARENESS WEEK. and we have held it for complete month. The target population involved in the awareness program were the adolescent and young age group between 13 years to 23 years MBBS students and also the general population and employees of the industries. The adolescents and women are considered to be the most affected group due to their hormonal changes in their major life events.
The theme as given by

EVENT ONE: From 11th March 2024 to 16th March 2024- The students of the first MBBS have conducted the MIME SHOW in the SLEEP CONSULTATION CLINIC and showcased it to the patients in the OPD. All the six days between 12:30pm to 11pm, the MIME SHOW was conducted. And the feedback on understanding of Sleep importance was taken from the patients attending the MIME SHOW.

EVENT TWO: The video on SLEEP AWARENESS was prepared to display in the OPD screen with continuous streaming to the waiting patients in the OPD. This is live streamed continuously daily from the month of March 2024 till date and has increased the number of patients visiting our SLEEP CONSULTATION CLINIC in the hospital.

EVENT THREE: We had a visit to the INDIA SHOES EXPORT PVT LIMITED company to create awareness in the women employee of the industry who were from 20 years to 60 years. This included the administrative staff, the in-charges, supervisors and the industry workers. The visit was conducted on 12.03.2024 and the guest speaker Dr. Supraja K, Senior Consultant, Medway Institute of Pulmonology, Chennai was invited to deliver the benefitting talk on IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP IN WORKING WOMEN. The talk was delivered in the local language for better understanding. After the session, the question Answer session was conducted, which cleared many queries of the employee audiences. Also triggered them to visit our SLEEP CONSULTATION CLINIC in the hospital to improve their sleep.

EVENT FOUR: The visit to a school was made by the faculty of department of PHYSIOLOGY to Springfield Higher Secondary Matriculation School, Chennai, Tamilnadu with due permission from the Principal of the school. The students of the 8th Grade of the school were delivered with the session on IMPORTANCE OF GOOD SLEEP IN ADOLSCENTS. Approximately, eighty students participated in the session. It was was a very enthusiastic interactive session of SLEEP AWARENESS to adolescent students that included video animations on GOOD SLEEP HYGIENE for their age group. It was further followed by the painting competition by the students, where they portrayed their imagination of what is good sleep and what happens with bad sleep. The winner were awarded with medals that had logo of our organization and World Sleep society Day. The participants were awarded with the certificate of participation.

The over all month was very eventful and benefitting in terms of interacting with society and creating sleep awareness.


Date of Activity: March Month 2024

Submitted by: Dr. Swapnatai. A. Meshram, Director Professor and HOD, Physiology