United Kingdom 2024: Jozefina Kovalcikova | The Village School, London

Delegate: Jozefina Kovalcikova

Affiliation: The Village School, London

Short Bio: Hello!
My name is Jozefina Kovalcikova.
Leaving and teaching in London UK for past 25 years. In special needs school for last 16 years.
I am interested in sleeping and the science behind it just like everything else that is associated with health.

Activity: We had a session on:

World Sleep Day
Why do we sleep?
How sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
How can we improve our sleep.

Depending on students’ abilities, we had a range of activities. We repeatedly go back to what we have learnt.

Location: London, UK

Date of Activity: 15th March 2024

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