Portugal 2021: Portuguese Society of Pulmonology

Delegate: Portuguese Society of Pulmonology

Short Bio: The Portuguese Society of Pulmonology purpose is to promote and protect the respiratory health of the Portuguese and to encourage education and professional qualification through the dissemination of all the subjects related to respiratory diseases. In particular, our Working Committee on Sleep Respiratory Pathology intends to inform the Portuguese people about the importance of sleep in general health and well-being.



During the month of March, the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology developed some initiatives to mark World Sleep Day. The activities were divided into two main audiences: health professionals and the general public.

Actions for the general public

In order to educate for the importance of a good night’s sleep, we have proposed a well-known comedian/radio announcer to make an awareness video. The main message focused on the positive aspects of a good night’s sleep – who has a good sleep (in quality and in quantity) – is more beautiful, is smarter (greater memory capacity and attention), is more resistant (impact on the immune system). The awareness was also focused on the negative impact that the current pandemic period can have on sleep quality.

The video was shared on Nuno Markl’s Instagram account and has more than 51 thousand views: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMmHGS5jrHY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Was also sent to the media information as a way to alert a larger number of people to this day and to the importance of sleep. Specialists from the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology were present in different media.


Actions for health professionals 

The Portuguese Society of Pulmonology has established a partnership with the Portuguese Association of General Practice and Family Medicine, to reinforce the message that sleep should be evaluated as a vital sign, in all the medical appointments, especially in Primary Health Care. Ask Advise and Act are the 3 A’s essential in a quick assessment in any routine consultation.

This approach can be summarised as follows:
• Ask – and record about sleep habits – sleep should be assessed as part of routine medical evaluation; incorporate at least 1 basic sleep question in patient evaluations.
• Advise – patient about personal health benefits of a good sleep; advise about proper sleep habits and hygiene with conservative measures.
• Act – in the presence of symptoms that might indicate a sleep disorder – evaluate and refer to a sleep specialist.

The message was sent to the health professionals in two ways:
– A video where different experts address the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13fY2j0I6aA

– A digital guide with information about the issue:




Location: All country

Date of Activity: March

Submitted by: Andreia Pinto