Poland 2024: Pani od zmiany – Małgorzata Machniewicz | Pani od zmiany – Małgorzata Machniewicz

Delegate: Pani od zmiany – Małgorzata Machniewicz

Affiliation: Pani od zmiany – Małgorzata Machniewicz

Short Bio: Why am I leading this webinar?

I am a psychologist, trainer, business coach, and for nearly 20 years, I have been supporting people in achieving better efficiency and a healthier, fuller life.

I have noticed that many of my clients complain about the quality of life, chronic fatigue, and work-related issues.

After spending dozens of hours investigating the causes, I have come to the conclusion that all these problems share a common cause.

I have tested dozens of methods to improve sleep and know which ones work and which ones don’t.

Activity: This free webinar is for you if:

📌 You drink coffee and think you sleep well.

📌 You experience energy crashes during the day.

📌 You wake up at night and can’t fall back asleep.

📌 You wake up tired in the morning.

📌 You need a nap during the day.

📌 You feel like you’re losing creativity at work.

There are at least 26 ways to improve the sleep process. By the end of the webinar, you will learn what you can do to test them all.

The meeting is free and will be held in polish
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Location: Online meeting (webinar)

Date of Activity: 15.03.2024 19:00

Submitted by: Małgorzata Machniewicz