Multi-Country 2024: Mike Mutschelknaus | World Sleep Academy

Delegate: Mike Mutschelknaus

Affiliation: World Sleep Academy

Short Bio: Mike is the faculty director of the World Sleep Academy.

Activity: The 2024 World Sleep Academy cohort focused on this year’s equity theme as they created 49 different projects in 26 different countries.

This Google Earth video shows all of the countries and all of the cohort projects within this countries:–WSD/1_ehxvofid

We are proud that several of our projects were done in parts of the world often underserved by sleep medicine. These World Sleep Day activities, therefore, are a beginning, an important way to increase sleep equity around the world. Here are the countries we did projects in:

Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Morocco

Europe: Hungary, Serbia, Cyprus, and Turkey

The Americas: El Salvador, Brazil, Barbados, Peru, Bolivia, and the United States

Middle East: Iran and Saudi Arabia

Asia: Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam

Location: 26 different countries

Date of Activity: March 15th, 2024

Submitted by: Mike Mutschelknaus