Multi-Country 2023: Naomi Mittet | Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Delegate: Naomi Mittet

Affiliation: Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Short Bio: I’m a mom with DSPD who has a child with Sighted Non-24. It was not easy to find out about Non-24. It caused a lot of issues for my child in school, she often went on very little sleep. I was reprimanded for allowing her to stay home so she could catch up on sleep. It was not her fault, nor my fault. She is not lazy and I was not being too soft on her. My advocacy started last year and my desire to do more has grown even stronger this year. I will spread awareness so it’s easier for children and adults to get a diagnosis.

Activity: I started a blog about Sighted Non-24 and Advocacy so people can find easy actions they can take to help spread awareness. These actions will include: mailing postcards and letters to places that need to know about Sighted Non-24, and making social media posts with links to Circadian Sleep Disorder websites.

For those who have more time and energy, the blog will share ways to contact journalists and media to share their experiences with Sighted Non-24.

Location: Internet, and worldwide.

Date of Activity: From now until World Sleep Day. I hope for it to continue after March 17th though.

Submitted by: Naomi Mittet