Bolivia 2023: Maria Rene | Alvarez Arroyo

Delegate: Maria Rene

Affiliation: Alvarez Arroyo

Short Bio: Hello, my name is Maria Rene, I am a doctor by profession. I have a specialty in Pediatrics, later I went to Mexico to perform Pediatric Pneumology, in that country I fell in love with SLEEP, I had never heard so much about sleep studies and others. For this reason, I took a High Specialty course in Comprehensive Sleep Medicine. I stayed to live for one year in Mexico City, in 2021 I decided to return to my country Bolivia, I never thought I would sleep in my country, I currently have a sleep laboratory with only one room and little by little I am educating the population about the importance of sleep in children and adults.

Activity: On world sleep day, my idea is to make short videos (several videos) and upload it to my page on all my social networks, and talk about the functions of sleep in clear language, emphasizing the consequences of poor sleep. Also, I will go to some local TV channels to talk about the importance of sleep, its functions and consequences of poor sleep.

Location: Bolivia

Date of Activity: 17 de marzo

Submitted by: Dra. Maria Rene Alvarez Arroyo