Korea, Republic of 2023: Jee Hyun Kim MD, PhD | The Korean Sleep Research Society

Delegate: Jee Hyun Kim MD, PhD

Affiliation: The Korean Sleep Research Society

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1. Mini-Symposium with the press

The Korean Sleep research society (KSRS) held a mini-symposium with the press titled “Sleep is essential for health!”. The symposium covered four topics. The program included the following: 1. The change of sleep pattern over the 20 years in Korea learned from epidemiological dataset (presented by Dr. Jin-Sun Jun) 2. Dementia and sleep (presented by Dr. Hae Ree Park) 3. Current status of treatment of OSA by nasal CPAP and the challenges of CPAP insurance in Korea (presented by Dr. Kyoung Jin Hwang) 4. Sleep issues of adolescent and children (presented by Dr. Seonkyeong Rhie). Additionally, Dr. Jee Hyun Kim introduced infographics recommending optimal lighting for daytime workers. Around sixty journalists and some board members of the KSRS attended the conference. The president of the Korean Neurology Association (KNA) also participated in the event to underscore the importance of sleep for brain health. The participants actively participated in the discussion. Numerous journalists provided positive feedback regarding the event. Following the symposium, a multitude of online articles emphasizing the significance of sleep were published by the participating journalists.

The photo captures the speakers and board members, including Dr. Ki-Young Jung, the President of KSRS (positioned center on the bottom and Dr. Jae-Moon Kim, the President of the Korean Neurological Association (KNA) (positioned to the right of Dr. Jung), all posing in a sleeping position.

An eye-mask was created specifically for the occasion. The eye-mask featuring the WSD 2023 emoji design that the KSRS created, depicts a sloth peacefully sleeping and recharging its energy with sleep. On the bottom right corner of the blanket, the acronym KSRS is displayed. These eye-masks were given to both symposium participants, and the video contest participants.

They all look like superheroes!

2. Creating short cartoons related to sleep: Collaborating with famous webcomic creator of “Yumi’s Cells” 

We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Dong-Gunn Lee, the renowned Korean webcomic writer and creator of the immensely popular WEBTOON series “Yumi’s Cells.” The story revolves around Yumi, a 25-year old girl whose brain houses multiple cells’, each with unique roles such as the detective cell, the hungry cell, the curious cell, etc. With its growing popularity, Yumi’s cells has even been adapted into a drama series. We strongly believe that this webcomic has the power to convey the importance of sleep, particularly to the younger population. The relatable nature of this webcomic story allows people to connect with it on a personal level. We are excited to share this collaboration on the KSRS’s website, Facebook and Instagram, spreading awareness about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

The top one is the original in Korean and he lower one was a translated version into English, specifically for this report (translated by JHK, the chair of the PR committee at the KRSR.)

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3. Sleep video contest for the KSRS YouTube.
We had a video contest for the KSRS YouTube shorts for 30-60 seconds. This is the second event following the 2021 video contest. It was open to participants of all ages and allowed for a free format with the theme of sleep. Five winners’ short video clips were shared online on the Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@user-qy5zy9se7k/shorts). These submitted videos presented the importance of sleep, the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and sleep hygiene practices. Three of the winners were in their 20s. The remaining two were in their 40s. The winners were rewarded and given KSRS branded eye-masks. Other participants were also given eye-masks. In 2021, we has participants with more variety of ages inclduing elementary school students, middle & high school and college students. We are planning to organized a video contest annually to celebrate World Sleep Day, aiming to raise the awareness of sleep health among the general public. All the videos were also shared online at the KSRS Facebook.









4. Releasing the 2022 World Sleep Day (WSD) emojis project to the public through a QR code

We created the adorable emojis of sloths with the theme of sleep in 2022. Unfortunately, it failed to launch as an emoji for the commercial phone message platform. While they were initially intended for exclusive use by KSRS members, this year we decided to make them freely available to the public. By scanning the provided QR code, you will be instantly redirected to a website where you can easily download these delightful emojis at no cost. Feel free to enjoy and use them!!

5. Talking about sleep on Youtube medical channel and the interview at the news broadcasting station



Location: Seoul

Date of Activity: March 17, 2023

Submitted by: Jee Hyun Kim