Multi-Country 2022: Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

Delegate: Andy King (Head of Marketing)

Affiliation: Cambridge Sleep Sciences Ltd

Short Bio: Cambridge Sleep Sciences create innovative products that help improve quality of life through natural sleep. We understand the importance of sleep for physical and mental wellbeing, and combine science and sound technology to pioneer the development of unique sleep solutions.

Our first, ground breaking product, SleepHub®, uses exclusive neuroscience and high quality sound technology to retrain the brain to restore natural sleep patterns. The unique, scientific sound technology used in SleepHub® is now available for licensing and we are working on a range of new exciting product applications, all of which are designed to deliver better sleep to those who need it most.

Activity: Throughout March and building to World Sleep Day on 18 March, we will be undertaking a range of communication activities on our website, social media, direct to our email subscribers and with partner to raise awareness around the importance of sleep. Specifically, we will be asking people what good sleep means to them and sharing their thoughts and comments in written, graphic and video formats.
We aim to achieve high levels of awareness and engagement across our various channels which we hope will encourage people to think more about their sleep and particularly, the importance of quality sleep and its contribution to having a sound mind which ultimately, helps create a happier world for us all to live in.

Location: Global

Date of Activity: Throughout March, starting from 1 March

Submitted by: Andy King