France 2021: Jean-Louis Pepin | CHU de Grenoble – Clin Univ. de physiologie, sommeil et exercice

Delegate: Jean-Louis Pepin

Affiliations: CHU de Grenoble – Clin Univ. de physiologie, sommeil et exercice

Short Bio: Jean-Louis Pépin is Professor of Clinical Physiology at Grenoble Alpes University and Director of the HP2 Laboratory (INSERM U1042; Hypoxia Pathophysiology: cardiovascular consequences of intermittent hypoxia, with 50 permanent staff). He is vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, responsible for research. He presides the Research Division of Grenoble Alpes University Hospital. He runs the French national registry of sleep apnea (> 100,000 individuals) and is involved in the European sleep apnea database (ESADA). He participates in several European and American Thoracic Society task forces. He is ranked as having the 3rd highest expertise worldwide in the field of sleep apnea by the “Expertscape” website. He leads LIFE, a cross disciplinary research program funded by the French “Initiative d’Excellence” (IDEX) including clinicians, epidemiologists, public health specialists, social scientists, urban designers and big data researchers in a common framework for developing evidence-based societal and environmental control of chronic disease (1.7 M Euros) ( He is the director of the UGA Chair of Excellence in e-health and integrated care funded by ResMed-MGEN (2018-2021).

Activity: The Sleep Medicine Summer School will offer an intense scientific program on the topics of chronobiology and circadian disorders, hypersomnia and in particular hypersomnolence in neurological disorders, insomnia and mental health, sleep and psychiatry, sleep and neurologic disorders with a specific focus on epilepsy, movement disorders, parasomnias and disorders of arousals, and sleep related breathing disorders with a specific focus on personalized medicine. In those tough pandemic times, keynote lectures will bring to the audience the last evidence on the broad impact of the pandemic on sleep and circadian rythms. Each module will include regular lessons, keynote lectures, case discussions and practical exercitation. Highlights of the Summer School are the keynotes on Cancer Chronotherapeutic, Diagnosis of Primary CNS Hypersomnolence Disorders: A reappraisal, Sleep, insomnia and depression, REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Phenotypes and pathophysiology of central breathing disturbances given by five scientists with an internationally respected reputation in their field of expertise. Participants will have the opportunity to meet many outstanding speakers recognized worldwide for their intellectual contribution in the field of sleep medicine. Info and registration:

Location: Grenoble Alpes University – Faculty of Medicine (France)

Date of Activity: 04.07.2021 – 09.07.2021

Submitted by: Andrea Barzago