Canada 2022: Canadian Sleep Society Trainee Task Force | Canadian Sleep Society

Delegate: Canadian Sleep Society Trainee Task Force

Affiliation: Canadian Sleep Society

Short Bio: Launched in 2021, the Trainee Network for the Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) comprises undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows who are part of Canadian sleep research and/or clinical laboratories. The CSS Trainee Network hosts several activities each year, in an effort to promote the work and collaboration among sleep trainees, with a special focus on knowledge translation and community outreach.

Activity: Our CSS Trainee Network has two events that we wish to affiliate with the 2022 World Sleep Day. First, we are launching our annual Sleep Trainee Grant. This grant funds up to $2500 CAD for trainee-led projects that focus on promoting sleep hygiene to the general public and community. The Call for applications was first launched on the 2022 World Sleep Day, and is continuously promoted.

Next, we are hosting a ‘Sleep Talks’ webinar. This will feature talks by Canadian sleep experts hosted online, and catered to the general public across Canada. These talks will take place on May 13th, 2022. Dr. Antonio Zadra will give a talk on the dreaming brain, including information from his cutting-edge work in dream science. Next, Dr. Arsenio Paez will give a talk titled “Night and Day: Sleep, Health and Well-being”, featuring his work on patient-centered and community-based outcomes for patients seeking treatment for their sleep. This webinar will offer talks in both official languages.

Location: Virtual

Date of Activity: May 13th, 2022

Submitted by: Nicholas van den Berg