Brazil 2024: Irene Serafim | ABSono and UNITAU

Delegate: Irene Serafim

Affiliation: ABSono and UNITAU

Short Bio: Hello, I’m a teacher and dentist, clinician and researcher. I have a PHD in Biopathology with an emphasis on Sleep from UNESP. teacher of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Brazil.

Activity: During this World Sleep Week, my action is to speak to undergraduate and postgraduate students in dentistry and medicine about the importance of quality sleep for the general health of the population. presenting the importance of diagnosis and treatment. With the help of students, we will carry out an action informing the population of the city of residence about the importance of sleep, and also providing guidance regarding poor sleep quality and cardiovascular, respiratory, neurocognitive, neuroendocrine diseases and many others.

Location: São Paulo(state) , Taubaté (City)

Date of Activity: March 11th, 13th and 14th, 2024

Submitted by: Irene Serafim