United States 2024: Nyree Penn | Prosomnia Sleep: Health & Wellness

Delegate: Nyree Penn

Affiliation: Prosomnia Sleep: Health & Wellness

Short Bio: We are PROSOMNIA Sleep, where the future of sleep therapy meets innovative science. At PROSOMNIA, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of those plagued by chronic insomnia and REM sleep disorders through our groundbreaking approach to sleep restoration. Our specialized therapy utilizes the latest advancements in controlled REM state induction, by employing the FDA approved, anesthetic agent, Propofol/Diprivan. This process is meticulously monitored using real-time EEG readings to ensure safety, accuracy and effectiveness.

Our revolutionary PROSOMNIA Sleep Therapy stands out in the realm of clinical sleep medicine. It not only offers immediate relief from the debilitating effects of sleep deprivation but also works to reset the PROCESS S- sleep cycle, fostering neurological restructuring and improved sleep health over time. This innovative approach is especially crucial for patients who have found little success with traditional sleep treatments, therapies and pharmaceuticals.

PROSOMNIA’s Sleep Therapy goes beyond mere symptom management. By targeting and enhancing the neuroplasticity of the sleep cycle, we address the underlying causes of sleep disturbances. This ensures our patients not only experience immediate relief but also enjoy long-term improvements in their sleep quality.

Activity: Join us at Prosomnia Sleep Health and Wellness on World Sleep Day for an enlightening event where we delve into the significance of quality sleep and showcase how our innovative Propofol sessions can positively impact your well-being. At “Dreamy Meditation Journey,” I’ll guide you through a soothing sleep meditation, sharing practical relaxation techniques. Engage in a dream journaling workshop with our Dream Team of trained professionals, explore the benefits of our IV drips and experience the rejuvenating benefits of our sleep programs. Our sleep professionals will be there for a Q&A, addressing your queries on sleep disorders and effective sleep habits. Learn about the transformative impact of our Propofol sessions, tailored for promoting deep, restorative sleep. Exclusive goodie bags and special discounts await you, making this event an invaluable opportunity to prioritize sleep education and holistic well-being. Sweet dreams await!

Location: Aventura Florida

Date of Activity: 03/15/2024

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