Singapore 2024: Shuteye App | Enerjoy

Delegate: Shuteye App

Affiliation: Enerjoy

Short Bio: ShutEye App offers personalized sleep tracking technology (patented), expert sleep hygiene education, guided relaxation techniques, customizable sleep plans, and a smart alarm clock. ShutEye is an all-in-one sleep companion, whether users want to monitor their sleep patterns, learn how to create a conducive sleep environment, relax with soothing techniques, or wake up refreshed. We collaborate with sleep professionals to produce high quality content and to improve our sleep tracker’s accuracy.

Activity: Besides all the function related to sleep provided by ShutEye App, we do provide users with high-quality content about sleep and health created in collaboration with our partner sleep doctors. Currently we partner with Ognomy, sleep apnea organization from US and Somnus Wellness, sleep organization from Singapore. The unique feature of our app is the ability to detect early signals of insomnia, sleep apnea and snoring-related sleep issues. We do provide personalized recommendations to users in order to help them improve their sleep quality however if our tracker keeps identifying the same patterns, we suggest users to reach out to a sleep specialist. Such a user can fill up the form and will be redirected to a custom landing page where she or he can take an appointment with a sleep doctor. So it’s end-to-end sleep solution.

Location: Singapore

Date of Activity: 09/03/2024

Submitted by: Daria Tibrewal