Multi-Country 2024: Zoe Hart |

Delegate: Zoe Hart


Short Bio: Sharing the journey with you. Zoe (aka yoursoundlady) currently lives on the Coast of the UK and since completing and attaining a first class honors degree in music production and sound healer teacher training she now teaches DJing especially to the neurodiverse communities, leads workshops, parties, women’s circles and other sound healing dances and practices.

She has hosted Frazzled Cafes online, is a mental health first aider and has studied mindfulness, yoga and meditation for over 16 years.

Activity: It is said that sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population.

In this FREE insight timer live I will begin with a short talk on sleep, giving information and ideas from my personal journey and as a world sleep day delegate and invite you to share your experiences and any tools that you have found to help too.
Perhaps someone else in the community has just the suggestion you’ve been looking for!

I will then play an assortment of soundscapes for 30-60mins which will include nature sounds, digital music, binaural beats and live sound healing instruments. It is my intention to leave you either very well rested or asleep. There will be no talking at the end, all communication will be done via the chat.

I will be running two FREE sessions via the FREE insight timer app or website to hopefully cover more of the world wide audience.

Session 1 – 15/3/24 – 10pm GMT

Session 2 – 16/3/24 – 10am GMT

For more information, links to the lives and free music, soundscapes and meditations please visit:


Date of Activity: 15/3/24

Submitted by: Zoe Hart