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Delegate: György G. Németh

Affiliation: Hungarian Sleep Association Budapest

Short Bio: György G. Németh. Following his pedagogical and communication studies, he worked in various fields within the communication profession, appearing both in the print and electronic media. This includes time spent in the newsrooms of Képes Európa, Magyar Nemzet, and those of the Hungarian Radio Corporation and the Hungarian Television respectively. Also, he used to be editor-in-chief at the organisation in charge of publishing the Reform papers, and one of the chief editors of the Lutra papers, acting also as leader of the related social movement.
In his capacity as communications director of mobile service providers, namely Westel and later T-Mobile, he became the principal contributor to introducing Hungary to digital communication. It was during this period that mobile technology along with its related services such as SMS and MMS messages became common in the country. The company, as a pioneering Hungarian firm in the field, was awarded the European Quality Label, one of the many examples of the international acclaim it received. Within the framework of the joint project with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and its Research Institute, he has been the lead corporate coordinator of the interdisciplinary scientific research titled ‘Novel forms of communication in the 21st century’.
For the past decade, he has been carrying out work in healthcare as director of the private center for sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy, one of the first institutes of its kind in Hungary. The center, operating in the so-called ‘clinics district’ of Budapest, has attained European Accreditation, and is the regional coordinator of the World Sleep Day project of the international organization named World Association Sleep of World.
Németh is an expert with experience in communication education and is member of several teams engaged in course development at the Budapest Business School and at the Budapest College of Communication and Business (today Budapest Metropolitan University, in subjects such as media economics, media management, media studies, media relations, spokesperson skills, and the theory and practice of media style. Since 2013, he has been the organizer teacher of the Department for Health Spokesperson Training and Health Communications of the Lámfalussy Sándor Faculty of Economics at the Sopron University as honorary associate professor.
As part of developing Hungarian-Chinese relations, the Hungarian-Chinese Integrated Medical and Healing Programme was implemented in his health care institution. Since 2015, he has been chairing the Health Department of the ChinaCham Hungarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. He is an expert in new media communication, electronic communication, online communication, digital content design and implementation, multifaceted communication processes, and head of Art Centrum Interactive Studio. He is editor-in-chief of the medical journals Orvosi Hírek and New Medical Hungary and chairman of the Hungarian Sleep Association and Benyovszky National Memorial Committee.

World Sleep Day is 15 March in 2024, but due to the national holiday, in Hungary the event took place on 13 March in the framework of an international scientific conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep for quality of life. In many countries, doctors, researchers, healers and NGOs are coming together for the event to show that sleepiness and insomnia are becoming a widespread disease and that we need to pay much more attention to their prevention and treatment. Hungary joined the international event for the 15th time, organized by the Hungarian Sleep Association, in partnership with the World Association of Sleep Medicine and later the World Sleep Society. This year’s slogan of the World Sleep Society: SLEEP EQUITY FOR GLOBAL HEALTH! During the Budapest conference, the 2nd edition of the Hungarian Sleep Book was presented and the 2024 Sleepfriendly awards were presented. The event included a message from Allan O’Bryan, Director of the World Sleep Society, and was welcomed by the Hungarian Government’s State Secretary for Health, Péter Takács.
More information: The internationally renowned experts of sleep health in Hungary, the Hungarian Sleep Association, a professional-social organization formed to unite their work, want to strengthen the global trend: humanity is sleeping worse and worse, and changing this is a common task. Identifying new directions in sleep science, and making the most of the results as soon as possible, is our daily task: for doctors, healers, patients and healthy people alike. There is a growing recognition that sleep disorders, while they can cause many problems, are actually systemic, with multiple adverse consequences. They upset our rhythm of life, disrupt the harmony of our body and soul, and erode our health. Mankind is sleeping less and less and more restlessly. Hungary is no exception. The President of the Hungarian Sleep Association, György G. Németh told on the conference: “In Hungary, we are sleeping less and less as a consequence of our lifestyles. Preventing sleep disorders and sleep diseases is the basis for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the key to staying healthy. Sleep is a vital, complex process, and understanding it lies in its complexity.”
The speakers: recognized experts in their field: dr. László Bálint Grand – Head of the Biomedical Research Laboratory, Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, Pázmány Péter Catholic University; György G. Németh – Associate Professor, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association; dr. Gábor Hermann – Orthodontist, President of the Hungarian Interdisciplinary Orofacial Therapy Society; Anita Juszkó – Director of the Four Points by Sheraton Kecskemét Hotel and Conference Centre, Vice President of the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association; Péter Kemény – Integration Expert, EON Hungária Zrt.; Dr. Richard Kiss-Robert – Sleepfriendly Program International; Eszter Kun – Research Director, Szinapszis Piackutató és Tanácsadó; dr. Edit Sándor – Medical Director, Pharma Nord Hungary (Denmark); dr. Gyöngyi Szabó – Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Luleå University Teaching Hospital (Sweden); György Szabó – Director of Semmelweis Kiadó; Zsolt Tamási – Health System Hungary Program, Managing Director of Benyovszky Orvosi Központ; Gergely Vada – Associate Professor, Founder of Fusion Vital, Vice President of the Hungarian Sleep Association.
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HUNGARIAN SLEEP BOOK /Thoughts for improvement, for a restful sleep (editor-in-chief: György G. Németh). The second edition of this highly successful volume includes studies on the impact of artificial intelligence and smart devices on sleep by national and foreign authors, in addition to the previous standard valuable lifestyle and medical topics. Namely: Eszter Kun, dr. Alpár Sándor Lázár, György G. Németh, dr. Attila Körmendi, dr. Imre Varga, dr. Katalin Zsuzsanna Rónai, dr. Zsuzsanna Vida, dr. Gábor Szalmay, dr. Róbert Késmárszky, dr. Adrián Kis, Alíz Erdélyi-Sipos, dr. Gábor Hermann, dr. Beáta Szabó, dr. Edit Sándor, dr. László Acsády, dr. Ferenc Mátyás, Gergely Vada, dr. Katalin Szalay.
Professional partners of the World Sleep Day in Hungary: Hungary’s Comprehensive Health Screening Programme (2010-2030), Hungarian Medical Association for Health and Lifestyle, Hungarian Association for the Renewal of Public Health, Hungarian Dental Association, National Association of Hungarian Dieticians, Association of Hungarian Restaurants and Hotels, ELTE PPK, University of Sopron Lámfalussy Sándor Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Health Spokesman and Communication Professionals, Benyovszky Medical Centre, Budapest Sleep Centre, Elektro Oxygen E/O ResMed, CardoMagyarország, Fusion Vital, Galenus Kiadó, Global Innovation, Gyógyszertári Prakticum, Health System Hungary, JYSK Hungary, Kaqun, Lifetime Média Kft., LAM (Lege Artis Medicinæ), Medicina & Practicum, Everyday Psychology,, New Medical Hungary, Patika Magazin,, Pharma Nord Hungary, PRANAGARDEN, Sleepfriendly Hotel Program, Semmelweis Kiadó, Studium Practicum, Tudomány Kiadó, Zepter Hungary.
(Published by: Hungarian Sleep Association, World Sleep Society Hungary Partner, World Sleep Day 2024 Hungary Organizing Committee. Information: [email protected].)

Location: Budapest

Date of Activity: 13.03.2024.

Submitted by: G. Néneth György