Czechia 2024: Jan Polak, MD, PhD | Thomayer University Hospital

Delegate: Jan Polak, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Thomayer University Hospital

Short Bio: Having graduated with a degree in Medicine and a Ph.D. from the Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, I pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in the USA at Johns Hopkins University, supported by a Fulbright scholarship. Later, I was appointed Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Head of the Department of Pathophysiology at the Third Faculty of Medicine in Prague. My responsibilities include teaching and training undergraduate and Ph.D. students, and I serve as the chair of the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Ph.D. program at Charles University. My research focuses on the influence of adipose tissue in the development of type 2 diabetes, particularly in the context of intermittent hypoxia and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, covering a broad spectrum from cellular experiments and animal models to clinical research and epidemiological research.

Activity: We are excited to announce a full-day event at Thomayer University Hospital (Internal Medicine Department and Sleep Laboratory in the Department of Respiratory Medicine), dedicated to raising awareness about sleep and its impact on metabolic disorders. This event is designed for the community served by the hospital, approximately 400,000 citizens. Our focus will be on educating about the link between sleep disorders, including obstructive apnea, and metabolic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

The program includes comprehensive educational sessions on risk factors, screening methods, diagnosis, and therapeutic options for various sleep disorders. Attendees will have the chance to engage in basic metabolic and cardiovascular health assessments, including blood glucose level measurements, BMI determination, and blood pressure checks. We will also provide screening questionnaires for sleep disorders.

Additionally, visitors can consult with experts about their sleep-related concerns and schedule appointments with sleep specialists. Our goal is to empower our community with knowledge and resources to improve sleep health.

Location: Thomayer University Hospital, Prague

Date of Activity: 15.3.2024

Submitted by: Jan Polak