China 2024: Madhulika Ra Chauhan | Vaanprrasth Samajik Sanstha

Delegate: Madhulika Ra Chauhan

Affiliation: Vaanprrasth Samajik Sanstha

Short Bio:

Activity: The activity was held in a school in Dalian (China) to make kids and teachers understand the importance of sleep in the overall growth of an individual. The advent of gadgets have pushed the use of technology beyond the healthy limit giving rise to various fads especially during teen years. The goal was :
1. Create awareness about the importance of sleep
2. Make them understand the disadvantages of not taking sleep seriously.
3. Burst the myths about “short sleep” and other “sleep fads”
4. Make them understand that “Sleep is non-negotiable for growth, health and development of mind and body.

Location: Dalian, Liaoning,

Date of Activity: 15-March-2024

Submitted by: Madhulika Ra Chauhan