Chile 2024: Trinidad Pascual | Clínica Somno

Delegate: Trinidad Pascual

Affiliation: Clínica Somno

Short Bio: Clinica Somno was established in 2013 as a specialized center in sleep medicine, with the firm purpose of offering excellent service in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders. Following the standards of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we are committed to providing quality and personalized care to our patients, helping them improve their quality of life.

Activity: Objective: To help people understand the importance of sleeping well and to know that snoring is not normal. We want people to realize that if they have trouble sleeping, it is important to seek help to sleep better and live healthier.


* Extended Clinical Meeting: More than 70 doctors attended the first Extended Clinical Meeting (ECM) organized by Clínica Somno. A record that shows interest in the general implications of good sleep. The topic on this occasion was: “Circadian rhythm disorders due to different types of shift work.”

* Collaborative video with an influencer who showed the entire process of being treated for her sleep disorder. From the evaluation with the neurologist who ordered the sleep test, to the polysomnography, and finally the interpretation of the results with a specialist who prescribed her treatment. Through these sleep ambassadors, interaction occurred with people to find out if they knew what a polysomnography was, if they slept well, and if they wanted to know more about the clinic and the steps to follow for treatment.

* March 15 – World Sleep Day: Paid banner on Emol all day with the slogan “Snoring Is Not Normal.”

* Instagram video by the clinic’s technical director raising awareness about sleep equity for global health and inviting participation in the various activities of this month.

* Instagram post on school performance: The importance of prioritizing sleep in children and how it directly affects their school performance and improves their emotional life and health.

* Instagram testimonial from a clinic patient who found the CPAP team to be the solution to his sleep apnea problems.

* Instagram post about the use of electronic devices affecting the onset of sleep.

* Instagram post with data and percentages on how sleep disorders impact women’s lives, both physically and mentally. This is framed within International Women’s Day.

* Instagram post about circadian rhythms and how they regulate a variety of bodily functions.

* Instagram post in collaboration with the Flex brand about the importance of a good mattress and pillow. Explained by Dr. Andrés Silva.

* Exclusive Sleep Month giveaway. The winner will have a relaxing weekend with a companion. This contest is to encourage good sleep and raise awareness about the topic, for which we need them to answer a brief survey.

* Relaunch of the “Dreams in Motion” art exhibition at the clinic. Art and rest come together in a unique experience.

* Myths and truths about sleeping. Live on Instagram in collaboration with the Rosen brand with Dr. Francisca Convalia, neurologist at Clínica Somno.

* Press release about the Survey on the sleep quality of Chileans post-pandemic. The results showed that more than 67% of respondents worsened their sleep quality since the pandemic. As a result, a press release was managed that was published in 20 digital and print media outlets throughout Chile.

* Notes were managed in the written and digital press on the importance of raising awareness about sleep hygiene due to World Sleep Day.

* Radio interview with Dr. María Angélica Silva about the “Snoring Is Not Normal” campaign, with a focus on athletes.

* Radio interview with Dr. Andrés Silva about the importance of good sleep.

Location: Santiago

Date of Activity: 19/03/2024,15/03/2024,15/03/2024, 01/03/2024,04/03/2024,05/03/2024,07/03/2024,08/03/2024,12/03/2024,18/03/2024,21/03/2024,11/03/2024,15/03/2024,25/03/202423/03/2024

Submitted by: Trinidad Pascual