Canada 2024: Kelly Beaton | eatwellbewell

Delegate: Kelly Beaton

Affiliation: eatwellbewell

Short Bio: Kelly Beaton is a registered holistic nutritionist and founder of eatwellbwell, a nutrition consultancy specializing in nutrition and lifestyle support to 50+ year old women who want to reset, rebuild and reinvigorate their health and regain their self-confidence. Kelly is an advocate for healthy aging and building brain resilience through nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Activity: 1. Blog post on nutrition and sleep

2.Hosting a public workshop, Eating to Sleep – Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips to Improve Your Sleep. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 21, 2024.

3. Social media promotion of World Sleep Day @kellyeatswellbewell

Location: Manor Park Community Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Date of Activity: March 21, 2024

Submitted by: Kelly Beaton