USA 2021: Olivia DeMoss | American Institute of Stress, HeartMath Institute, iNetrepreneur Network

Delegate: Olivia DeMoss

Affiliations: American Institute of Stress, HeartMath Institute, iNetrepreneur Network

Short Bio: Olivia DeMoss likes to say that she is in the business of happiness. She is an award winning three times best selling author, a speaker, a resilience & productivity consultant, stress tamer and holistic happiness wiz. Olivia has a reverence for Life, she is an advocate for animals and the environment and loves gardening. She enjoys sharing the knowledge and the wisdom she acquired from her rich life experiences and challenges from being in contact with a variety of cultures, living on different continents. She is convinced that more joy in people’s hearts will lead us closer to peace on Earth and her moto is “Life is a magical adventure that is meant to be enjoyed” Olivia guides business owners to tame their stress, have better sleep, and harmonize their life, thus improving resilience & productivity and increasing revenue.

Activity: Open house at a chiropractor’s office with a few sponsors who will offer presentations about their topic of influence as it relates to better sleep. Hosted by: Begin Within Family Wellness 7120 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Date of Activity: 44275

Submitted By: Olivia DeMoss