USA 2018: Family Sleep Institute

Delegate: Liberty Mahon

Affiliations: Children’s Therapy Services Sleep Support Program; Family Sleep Institute

Short Bio: Liberty Mahon, MS is a certified Special Education Teacher and certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. She is a cofounder of the Children’s Therapy Services Sleep Support Program. Liberty is certified through the Family Sleep Institute (FSI). Liberty has worked with young children in the Greater Danbury area for the past over 15 years. In addition to sleep consulting, Liberty works as a Special Education Teacher for the CT Birth to Three Program with Children’s Therapy Services.

Activity: A “Did you know…” flyer with important sleep facts will be shared with families in our B-3 Program, as well as with daycare and schools that we visit.

Location: Greater Danbury and Waterbury area

Date of Activity: Week of 3/12-3/16

Submitted By: Liberty Mahon