United Kingdom 2020: SleepHubs Ltd. / Dr Erla Bjornsdottir & Yours Magazine

Delegate: SleepHubs Ltd.

Affiliations: Dr Erla Bjornsdottir & Yours Magazine

Short Bio: With our dedicated team of International Sleep Experts, SleepHubs can assess, diagnose and treat any sleep issue including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Chronic Insomnia.
The SleepHubs Check-Up is a free, groundbreaking tool to quickly and easily assess whether or not you have a sleep problem.

Activity: We are offering readers of Yours Magazine the opportunity to improve their sleep for free using Dr Erla Bjornsdottir’s Somnify Programme; an effective, online treatment for insomnia.
250,000 readers are invited to complete the SleepHubs Check-Up to see whether or not their sleep could be improved, and 100 participants will be selected at random to complete the 6 week CBT-i course (worth £199) for free.
For non Yours readers, the SleepHubs Check-Up is also available on www.sleephubs.com.

Location: United Kingdom but the SleepHubs Check-Up is also available on our website for all those who wish to assess their sleep.

Date of Activity: 10th March 2020 – 18th May 2020

Submitted By: SleepHubs