United Kingdom 2020: Dr Sue Peacock / A Pain in the Mind

Delegate: Dr Sue Peacock

Affiliations: A Pain in the Mind

Short Bio: Dr Sue Peacock is a leading Consultant Health Psychologist registered with the Heath and Care Professions Council. She is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society and a Registered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, with experience helping clients with sleep disorders, chronic pain and clinical depression. Sue has an extensive track record of supporting clients presenting with sleep disorders. She won a research grant to pioneer her sleeping with chronic pain programme from NHS Health Innovations.
Sue is also a published author and has been featured in academia and by the media for her work. Sue works with an empathetic practical manner with clients and recognises the need to support clients to move forward on a practical level. Sue has experience of working both in the NHS and private practice.

Activity: ‘Sleep Well With Dr. Sue’ was developed to help you to reduce your anxiety about getting to sleep and help you to calm a racing mind to help you rest deeply and enjoy
a good night’s sleep. I developed this system because I understand that sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your personal and professional life.


For the month of March 2020, this product will be offered at the launch rate of £37.00

Location: United Kingdom and worldwide

Date of Activity: March 2020

Submitted By: Dr Sue Peacock