United Kingdom 2019: WeSleep / Julie Wright

Delegate: WeSleep / Julie Wright

Affiliations: WeSleep

Short Bio: I am Julie Wright, the Chief Sleep Orchestrator and founder of WeSleep, my aim is to help people live better lives by improving their sleep. My motto is: Sleep more, Live more.

I have battled with sleep issues for almost 12 years, and embarked on a journey full of discoveries and experiments to tackle this. It gave me the idea to help myself and others with the issue of insomnia and poor sleep quality, as a powerful and meaningful ambition.

Our WeSleep events are small-scale learning and discovery workshops on the topic of sleep and the lack of sleep taking place in various locations for the general public and also at businesses and corporations around London.

We want to help anyone improve their sleep through education, inspiration and experimentation. It’s about being inspired from a wide range of perspectives, modern and ancient times, from other cultures, remedies and studies. We offer an opportunity to pause, reflect, try new things, take a break, recharge. And walk away with a personal sleep strategy.

Our educational format includes interactive workshops with talks, exercises, demonstrations, practical tips and take-aways, with the occasional use of worksheets, videos and other tools.


Activity: WeSleep are presenting educational talks and therapeutic workshops about Sleep in London at various business locations. Themes we are focusing on this year are:

1 – The Science of Sleep:
This is about understanding the basics about sleep and the impact of insomnia, the importance sleep, what can cause insomnia and why it’s important to prioritise sleep (from a medical, scientific, GP, behavioural and psychological point of view, as well as, consequences, studies and research)
In this session our sleep expert will demystify common beliefs about sleep and insomnia and explain why aren’t we sleeping. Helping attendees understand the systemic effects of chronic sleepiness and share one of his thousands of sleep tips where he challenges misconceptions and demystifies common myths about sleep.

3- Managing the mind for better sleep:
This is about understanding the theory of neuro-hypnosis, which is a gentle form of deep meditation rewiring our thoughts and our brains towards calm , positive thoughts and better sleep.
We will also explain how gut health and neuro-hypnotic repatterning techniques can help improve one’s sleep.

3- Private diagnostics and one to one consultations:
We are providing 121 consultations with our Sleep and insomnia Experts. This is a chance to discuss a specific situation in a private setting. Participants are required to fill out a sleep diary ahead of the consultation.

Location: London

Date of Activity: March 15 -20, 2019

Submitted By: julie wright