Spain 2019: Belia García Parra

Delegate: MD Belia García Parra

Affiliations: Sleep Unit. Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona)

Short Bio: I’m a specialist doctor in Clinical Neurophysiology (training period 2012-2016 in Hospital del Mar, Barcelona). I’ve been working in Bellvitge University Hospital since 2016. I have done Cleveland Clinic Clinical Epilepsy & EEG course (October-December 2015). I make ambulatory electromyography two days a week, sometimes urgent requests. I also write reports EEG and evoked potentials two days a week. I have a sleep consultation and I can review polysomnography in the unit sleep. I attend conferences in my city and I go to the congress of Spanish Sleep Association every year. Also I have a neuropathic pain consultation a one day a week.

Activity: I would like to carry out an activity to promote good sleep habits in the elderly population. Regular sleep schedule, walk in the mornings with sun exposure, avoid naps and assess medication administration schedules.

Location: Bellvitge University Hospital, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona

Date of Activity: March 15, 2019

Submitted By: MD Belia García Parra