Spain 2017: School of Nursing University of Murcia

Delegate: María Montserrat Sánchez Ortuño, School of Nursing University of Murcia, Spain

Affiliations: School of Nursing University of Murcia, Spain

A group of professors and students from the school of Nursing at the University of Murcia (Spain) will be participating in a Health and Wellness expo event named EXPOMED SALUD-MEDITERRANEAN HEALTHY LIFE HALL AND FOOD AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS FAIR during the weekend March 17-19 (

In our stand, we will display a poster we have elaborated highlighting the 10 commandments of sleep hygiene for adults.
Furthermore, at the event, we will conduct a research activity and explore people’s knowledge about sleep hygiene practices with an ad hoc questionnaire we have also elaborated (Image attached). Depending on the participant’s answers to the questionnaire, we will provide personalized education about specific sleep hygiene recommendations, aided by educational cards we have created. For instance, if the participant indicates in the questionnaire he/she didn’t know that alcohol had a detrimental effect on sleep, we will use a card summarizing why and how alcohol impacts sleep. We plan to submit our educational cards as soon as we finish drafting them. Finally, we plan to contact local media to inform about our activity. We are excited to raise awareness about sleep and we think the opportunity to participate in this expo event will increase the reach of our activity.

During the whole weekend 17-19 March, a group of professors and students from the School of Nursing have participated in a Health and Wellness Fair in which we have conducted an activity aiming to raise awareness about a good sleep hygiene to promote healthy sleep. As planned, we did a survey among attendees asking about their knowledge about the 10 sleep hygiene practices included in the World Sleep Day toolkit (10 commandements). Whenever they indicated they didn’t know the rationale for each commandements, we used educational cards to make participants understand how and why that recommendation had an impact on sleep. We are proud to inform that up to 200 people visiting the fair participated in our survey and received education about sleep hygiene. Upon request, we can share our powerpoint slides that we used as educational cards and a summary of the results of our knowledge about sleep hygiene survey.

Location: IFEPA – Palacio de Ferias y Exposiciones de la Región de Murcia, Torrepacheco, Murcia, Spain

Date: From 17 to 19 March

Submitted by: María Montserrat Sánchez Ortuño
Short Bio: I am a full time professor at the school of Nursing in Spain. I have a PhD in psychology and I have collaborated in research studies about insomnia and sleep in general in the USA, Canada and France.