South Africa 2018: Debbie Reinders Hall

Delegate: Debbie Reinders Hall

Affiliations: Owner of The Hall Collection – dedicated to extraordinary sleep

Short Bio: Debbie Reinders Hall
Debbie Reinders Hall, founder of The Hall Collection is a sleep and luxury bedroom expert.
Blessed with a natural ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and relaxed, she was drawn to a career in hospitality.
On graduating in French Culinary Arts, extensive travel opened doors to experiencing some of the world’s finest hotels and began a journey to understand and define the meaning of true luxury.
She observed how luxury is forever changing and being redefined. An outstanding good nights’ sleep, leaving guests with an overall sense of wellbeing has become a basic requirement for a premium luxury hotel. The hotels choice of bed, mattress and linens have become as important as the location, view, service and other facilities.
Her personal interest to question what it means to live a good life, led to a life-long and ongoing interest in alternative and holistic health and wellness and the critical importance of good sleep to help to maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being.
In 2006 Debbie started sharing her beliefs with discerning clients that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, be they private homes or luxury hotels. It is an investment in comfort and the luxury of good health.
She believes that beyond aesthetics, comfort is the ultimate luxury and inspires her clients to create bedrooms where they can heal, relax and restore their energy and find balance. Her signature touch can be found in gracious private homes, discerning lodges and luxury hotels.
Her decision to move from the culinary world to extraordinary sleep has led to an enduring recipe for success and one she truly loves.
Her understanding of human comfort, appreciation of quality and attention to detail has made The Hall Collection leaders in the world of extraordinary sleep.

Activity: World Sleep Day conference & lunch 16 March 2018 Cape Town

Location: South Africa

Date of Activity: 16 March

Submitted By: Debbie Reinders Hall