Singapore 2021: Sunday Bedding

Delegate: Sunday Bedding

Affiliations: NA

Short Bio: Sunday Bedding is a responsibly made bedding and home textiles line based in Singapore. Our factory is OEKO-TEX certified, a guarantee that our sheets are made without harmful substances by people who are paid fairly for their work, using the best available technologies that reduce environmental footprint.

Activity: We all need quality rest. This World Sleep Day, Sunday Bedding has organised a series of digital activities to help people understand how they’re sleeping, and how they can improve their quality of sleep. The schedule includes: 19 March, morning: A morning check-in on our Instagram ( for people to review their sleep and understand if they’ve had a good night’s sleep. 19 March, afternoon: Release of an interview conducted with a physiotherapist on This feature explores sleep positions we can adopt for better long-term health. 19 March, evening: An evening wind-down stretch series, released on Instagram (, designed to help prepare the body for sleep.

Location: Singapore

Date of Activity: 44274

Submitted By: Sunday Bedding